Office of the Ombudsman

Confidential - Neutral - Independent - Informal

Our Services

Ombudsmen use a variety of techniques and tools to assist members of the NIH community dealing with individual, interpersonal, or group concerns.  Our approach is customized to the situation.  Here is a list of some of our services:


Ombudsmen are available to work individually with members of the NIH community.  We use a variety of tools to help visitors think through their situations, explore possible options for moving forward, and make proactive, productive decisions.

- Consultation

- Coaching

- Policy Clarification and Referrals


When members of the community experience interpersonal problems, ombudsmen are able to help those involved engage their issues in a collaborative and constructive manner.  Using skills such as active listening and reframing, ombudsmen employ different methods to help visitors arrive at a shared understanding of the issues.

- Facilitated Discussion

- Shuttle Negotiation

- Scientific Conflicts and Collaborations


Ombudsmen are trained professionals with a knowledge of group processes.  Ombudsmen often work proactively with groups to help them achieve desired goals, such as improving communication between group members.  Ombudsmen work with all types of groups to improve group functioning, as well as help address local and systemic concerns that impair group health.

- Group Facilitations

- Group Conflict Resolution

- Scientific Conflicts and Scientific Collaborations

- Workshops and Presentations

- Organizational Consultations

- Systemic Interventions