Office of the Ombudsman

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Ombudsman and Director

Kathleen Moore, PhD Has Been Selected As Director and Ombudsman, NIH Center for Cooperative Resolution, and Office Of The Ombudsman.

Dr. MooreDr. Moore has served as the Acting Director since January 1, 2016.

Her educational background in Neuroscience (BA), Counseling Psychology (MS) and Human and Organizational Psychology (PhD) inform her strong behavioral approach to addressing organizational conflict. With more than 16 years' experience in scientific and organizational conflict resolution, she has an established reputation for collaborative, creative problem resolution, and for identifying and addressing systemic and equity concerns. She has been responsible for implementing new programs to effect positive outcomes in organizational life, including the Peer Resolution Program, which she helped to develop. In addition, Dr. Moore has published on gender equity issues in science, as well as published extensively on ombudsman practice issues in science organizations.

On behalf of the entire office, we invite you to contact any of us at 301.594.7231 if you would like to learn more about ways in which we can provide support to the NIH community and its scientific programs.