Office of the Ombudsman

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NIH ombudsmen Advancing the Field Through Research & Presentation


NIH ombudsmen are critical thinkers and educators in the field of conflict resolution, advancing the field by researching and presenting in the areas of conflict analysis, organizational functioning, and group behaviors.  During the first half of 2017, NIH Ombudsmen presented at the 2017 Annual Conference of the International Ombudsman Association, the International Gestalt Organization and Leadership Development Program (iGold), and the 2017 Conference of the Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution.


Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution

How the Stories We Tell Shape the Conflicts We See
NIH ombudsman Linda Brothers explores how our individual story narratives influence how we understand and enact our roles within conflict.


Resolving Conflict in a Divided America

NIH mediator Stephen Kotev discusses how our moral foundations influence the lens through which we view politics and conflict.



What is the Gestalt Approach to Organizational Change?

NIH ombudsman Judith Gail describes this concept that builds on humans’ ability to perceive patterns.


International Ombudsman Association

Compliance or Engagement? Reconciling Competing Organizational Approaches

NIH ombudsman David Michael and his colleague Karen Dean explore ways in which we can better promote organizational coherence and human dignity. 


Working with Groups: An Interactive Exercise

NIH ombudsmen Linda Brothers and Tyler Smith use case studies to examine hidden issues in group dynamics and propose strategies to improve group efficacy and encourage problem resolution.


Measuring Organization-wide Perceptions of the Ombuds Office

NIH ombudsman Tyler Smith and his colleagues, Shereen Bingham, Andrea Griffin and Bryan Hanson discuss their ongoing empirical research study which seeks to understand how people perceive their organization’s ombuds office.


Ombudsman 2.0:  Advancing Systemic Practice

NIH ombudsman David Michael and his colleague Sarah Kith explore the breadth of systemic ombuds practice, including frameworks to synthesize systemic themes, and strategies to promote organizational learning and change. 


Unique Lens: The Overlap of Ombudsry with Other Professions

NIH ombudsman Tyler Smith and his colleagues, Caroline Adams, Elizabeth Hill, Nancy Deering and Guy Weber examine the variety of education, training and professional experiences that influence the way ombuds practice.